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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my photos?

From the home page or browse page scroll to find the album of your event. When you select your event, you will see different folders with photos and a search bar if your race had bib numbers. Type your bib number into the search bar and hit ‘search’

How do I buy my photos?

Select the photo you would like to add to your cart. In the bottom right corner, hit the green ‘buy’ button and select ‘This Photo’

Can I crop my photo?

You are given the option to crop your photo when you select your product and again at checkout. The crop aspect ratio is set according to the size of the finished product.

I can’t find my photo when I type in my bib #

Sometimes during a race, bib numbers get obscured. These photos are still on the site but my not be linked to your bib #. It is usually easiest to skim through albums that have been split out by individual races, locations, or times since you know about where you were in the pack and what you were wearing. OR type ‘L’ into the search. While we make every effort to get multiple photos of all runners, sometimes someone slips through the cracks. If this is the case, we are so so sorry, but there may not be any photos of you.

What if I don’t know my bib number?

We recommend checking the results page from your race. This page usually has your bib number listed with your name and time. If you still can’t determine your bib number, we break each event down into categories that you can scroll through to locate your photos.

Will the photos have the race logo on them?

Including the race logo in the corner of prints is the decision of the race coordinator. This will be included on printed products and digital downloads. For the Bend Marathon, the logo will be included on all prints even though it does not appear in the galleries.

Is the watermark on prints or digitals?

The watermark is not included on prints or digital downloads.

What file size are digital downloads?

Digital downloads are the original file size. This varies for photos and events but is typically 1-3 MB. This is a great size for prints, cards and enlargements.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us using the contact link in the menu at the top of this page.

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